Umbrella man was eating the sun

Lonely pink eager to swim

Yellow yellow and the sky


"I see no stone no cross nor sign, yet here are graves."

"Stick Boy liked Match Girl,/ He liked her a lot./ He liked her cute figure,/ he thought she was hot.

But could a flame ever burn/ for a match and a stick?/ It did quite literally;he burned up quick."

"And in the yellow velvet air/ I carve my name without fear./ A witness to the birth of eve,/ This garden of concrete.."

"For Halloween, Oyster Boy decided to go as a human."

"Brie Boy had a dream he only had twice, / that his full, round head was only a slice./ The other children never let Brie Boy play… / … but at least he went well with a nice Chardonnay"

Far away in Dwarflandia...

The city


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